Saturday, October 7, 2017

Looking Back From Retirement

Life is always interesting.  On the first of February 2016 I retired.  Since then I have read a lot, relaxed and did a little adjunct teaching.  I have been teaching for over 20 years, and it is always a challenge!  Each time I have to figure out what my students bring to my class and try to provide some of the wisdom I've gained earning a BSc, MSc, M.E.Ch.E. and Ph.D. , not to mention a number of additional miscellaneous courses.  Most of the time I teach at the very bottom entry level, so motivation is mixed. 

Even high motivation isn't enough if it is not coupled with discipline.  I was fortunate to go to a school where I had to figure out how to be efficient and effective early on. I took 22.5 hours the first semester, and 26 the second.  I needed to overload to complete my major, and to have a chance to have some choice in a couple of extra courses.  Nowadays students take a maximum of 15 hours, so I have a little trouble understanding why they can't keep up with the class.

I was also reflecting on my last year at work.  I realize that circumstances made me less than useful to the organization, even with my knowledge, skills, and network.  When people know you are leaving, you become a non-person.  I had that happen a couple of times in my career, and it was very painful.  I also realized that I felt significant anomie as I was ungraciously swept out of the organization.  The upshot was that it really was time for me to move on and retire.  So -- no regrets!

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