Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life's Turnings

On Monday I am facing a layoff at work. I may find myself moving into retirement a little earlier than I expected. I have realized I am probably not cut out to be a consultant. I don't have the energy I had earlier in my life. My stroke in 2004 has taken some of the wind out of my sails.
If I am not chosen for the layoff, some of my friends will be leaving me. In any case my work environment is truely changing. I have been asking the Lord to guide me, and He has given me great peace about this. Whatever happens, I will not be begging bread.
I do wish I had some of this wisdom earlier in my life when I faced some very difficult times. I did put my trust in the Lord, but before the stroke I didn't really understand how faithful He was, or how He would put people in my life to truely bless me.
Thank you Lord for your steadfastness!