Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life's little challenges

My cousin Jim lost his only son (and child) to an accident at sea a couple of weeks ago. Michael was 22 and had graduated from college a year ago. He was never found. The memorial service was last Saturday. My brother Tom became a grandpa this week, as Tom II and Beth Anne gave him Aiden. He sounds pretty happy -- almost incoherently so. Lots of talk about running up to help and how he got to hold the baby.

It is such a poignant time of beginnings and endings. I have been so blessed with my children. I don't know if we understand each other, but we do try to communicate. Their lives seem to be so much more complicated.

Cassie is in Los Angeles with Travis and two Vietnamese pot bellied pigs. Their life is driven by an ever changing entertainment environment. Alicia just got married to Buddy this summer, and also has a seven year-old step son in her life. Nate is just about to move to Alleluia Community, an interdenominational covenanted community.

Where does that leave Sue and I. I guess spending a lot of time in prayer. I am so grateful that I have been able to see my children grow up and start their lives. There were bumps and fits and starts, but all and all it was a growing experience for all of us. We are incredibly blessed. I hope to slowly understand what this living thing is all about.

I have been chasing my whole life for meaning, when meaning was sitting quietly waiting for me to slow down. Praise the Lord!