Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is nigh! Praise the Lord

I didn't realize how long it had been since I set down my thoughts. January! Lots has happened since Christmas. Christmas in New England had some fabulous moments. We had two tinkertoy sets sent to Chris, and Zeke, Caleb and Michayle had a great time. John made a bug wapper! Chris served us high tea which was very special. Michayle who is five had made fruit kabobs with strawberries, and kiwis on toothpicks -- her own invention. We also had a great dinner at Hank's and a wonderful Mass at St. Pauls. They have Franciscans there now, what a change!

Now we're getting ready for spring. I bought a native hybrid azalea last Fall and I wasn't sure it would make it, but little green leaves are peeking out. The turtles have returned from whereever turtles go in winter.

I went to the INCOSE IW in February in Mesa AZ, outside Phoenix. I had a great time, but picked up a number of assignments that I am still working on. I volunteered to write a lesson plan template, for SE in classroom, but I didn't realize how much was involved. I have been gathering input, but putting myself in the mind of a Middle Schooler is a little tough. Hopefully I can get some words down this week.

Sue and I are thinking about planting a few things this year which was really exciting. We have some azaleas in front that are ready to bust out into bloom. My roses in back survived the winter, deer and squirrels. I'm hoping they can make a comeback. We're also going to try to put in a raised bed. I have been very frustrated at not being able to grow things in the South. Perhaps here I will make a difference!