Monday, October 19, 2009

Where have all the heroes gone?

This weekend I went to the funeral of my father-in-law, Ray Petrofsky. Ray was 87. During WWII he was a navigator on B-24s. His brother Al reminded us that he had made forty missions! In addition to his military honors, he truly was a hero. He said that the only blood he shed was to give a transfusion to his gunner who was badly wounded. The pilot set up the shunt. It is hard to believe the courage and self sacrifice of the greatest generation.

I'm on the leading edge of the boomers, looking for the sky to fall. I hope we can all learn about individual caring and self sacrifice. When courage is mandated, it is only fear of man. When we run forward for the love of our comrades, not thinking of the price we may pay, that is truly courage.

The wake and funeral service also showed me how important and fragile relationship is. When as family and friends we can grieve the loss of loved ones, and celebrate their entry into eternal life, we are stronger and more resilient.

Blessed be the Lord who gives us strength in troubled times